Congratulations!!! You have completed LTRCLD-2003 - Contiv Installation and Integration with ACI.

During this lab you completed several tasks that showed the value of having an integration between ACI and Contiv in a microservice architecture. Because Contiv creates a Policy-Based container in order to secure your application using a rich policy framework. ACI is addressing the use cases of Infrastructure Automation, Application aware Infrastructure, Scale out models and Dynamic Applications which are key pillars of modern day Microservices architectures.

The combination of Contiv and ACI will provide the ability for any application to be able to be deployed in a secure matter, reliable and automated that not other technology the industry can match.

We hope this lab was beneficial to you! It is challenging to cover every aspect of Contiv ACI integration in just 4 hours. We do though give you this lab to take home! This lab is accesible from anywhere at the URL:

We have also included additional Reference sections that you can read containing material you may find interesting.

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